Month: May 2011

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 20 – Regular Expressions

1)  Regular expressions enable QuickTest to identify objects and text strings withundependable values.A) TrueB) False 2) You can use regular expressions only for values of type string and number.A) TrueB) False 3) If you expect the value of a property to change in an unpredictable way duringeach run session, you can use regular expressionsA) TrueB) False 4) All …….. are automatically treated as regular expressions.A) programmatic descriptionB) WindowC) WinObjectD) Collection 5) If a backslash character is used before a character that has no special meaning,the backslash is ignored.A) TrueB) False 6) You can use regular expressions in the Find what Read More

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 19 – QTP Parameterization

1) You can parameterize values ….. in your test.A) in StepsB) in CheckpointsC) of Action ParametersD) Both A & BE) All of above 2) You can parameterize values in steps and checkpoints while …… your test.A) recordingB) editingC) Both A & B 3) There are four types of parameters: Test/Action, Random number, EnvironmentVariable, Regular Expression.A) TrueB) False 4) While using Test and Action Input Parameters,you can enter the parameter namein the Expert View using the Parameter utility object, in the format: ………… for thecurrent action.A) Parameter(“ParameterName”)B) ParameterName(“Parameter”)C) Parameter(“Parameter-Name”)D) Parameter(“Parameter_Name”) 5) ….. parameters are available only for top-level actions.A) ActionB) Environment Read More

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 18 – Function Library

1) Using QuickTest, you can define and store your user-defined functions in a …..A) function libraryB) directly in an action within a test.C) both A & BD) None 2) Default file extention of function library isA) .flfB) .qtflC) .qflD) .tfl 3) When you store a function in a test action, it can be called from any other actionor test.A) TrueB) False 4) You cannot define private functions and store them in a function library.A) TrueB) False 5) You can drag and drop a function (or part of it) from one document to another.A) TrueB) False 6) You can add steps Read More

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 17 – QTP Expert View

1) You can use the Expert View tab to view a text-based version of your test.A) TrueB) False 2) Expert View contains each step as a VBScript line. In object-based steps, theVBScript line defines the …….. hierarchy.A) ActionB) ObjectC) TestD) Step 3) If you focus on a specific step in the Keyword View and switch to the ExpertView, the cursor is located in that ….. line of the test.A) NextB) PreviousC) LastD) Corresponding 4) For each object and method in an Expert View statement, a correspondingrow exists in the Keyword View.A) TrueB) False 5) When you switch from the Expert Read More

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 16 – Descriptive Programming

191) Programmatic description can be very useful if you want to perform an operation on an object that is stored in the object repository.A) TrueB) False 192) There are two types of programmatic descriptions:A) Static & DynamicB) Statement & DynamicC) Step & DynamicD) Standard & Dynamic 193) You can also use programmatic descriptions to perform the same operation on several objects with certain identical properties, or to perform an operation on an object whose properties match a description that you  determine dynamically during the run session.A) TrueB) False194) QuickTest evaluates all property values in programmatic descriptions as regular expressionsA) TrueB) False Read More

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 15 – Data Table

166) You can edit information in the Data Table by typing directly into the table cells.A) TrueB) False167) Each row in the table represents the set of values that QuickTest submits for the ……… arguments during a single iteration of the test or action.A) parameterizedB) Non-parameterizedC) distributedD) None of above168) For every action called in your test, QuickTest creates a corresponding …….. in the Data Table so that you can enter Data Table parameters that are specific to that action only.A) action sheetB) Excel sheetC) Both A & BD) None 169) When you create a test, it includes ….. action.A) Read More

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 14 – Checkpoints

154) The …….. checks a variety of objects such as buttons, radio buttons, combo boxes, lists, and so forth.A) Image checkpointB) standard checkpointC) Bitmap checkpointD) Accessibility checkpoint 155) You create an image checkpoint by inserting a …….. on an image object.A) Image checkpointB) standard checkpointC) Bitmap checkpointD) Accessibility checkpoint 156) ……… are also supported for some list view objects, such as WinListView and VbListView, as well as other list view objects in external add-in environments.A) Table checkpointsB) standard checkpointsC) Accessibility checkpointsD) XML checkpoints 157)…….identifies areas of your Web site that may not conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Read More