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Month: June 2011

QTP Interview Questions and Answers

1. Name the types of Test Automation?Record and Playback (does not work in real world scenario)Functional decompositionKeyword drivenModel BasedHybrid Test Automation Framework etc. 2. Explain the benefits of using Test Automation?It can be executed unattended, leaving the testers free to do other work.Large number of data combinations can be run – Good coverage.Re-use of test cases in the different releases/versions etc. 3. Give the names of some Test Automation products/vendors?QuickTest Professional – HPRational Robot – IBM 4. When to use Test Automation?In one short lineSuccessful test-automation needs to start early in the development cycle.For elaborate reading see: 5. Give a Read More

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 24 – Add-in

1) You can install the QuickTest…… add-ins (Web, ActiveX, Visual Basic) when you install QuickTest Professional, or you can install the QuickTest built-in add-ins at a later time by running the installation again. A) internal B) external C) built-in D) All of above 2) Add-ins that are installed separately from the QuickTest Professionalinstallation are referred to as ……. add-ins. A) internal B) external C) built-in D) built-out 3) When QuickTest opens, you can choose which of the installed add-ins you wantto load using the QuickTest Professional – …… dialog box. A) Add-In Window B) Add-In C) Add-In Manager D) Add-In Read More

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 23 – Debug

1) To debug a function library, you must first associate it with a test and then  debug it from that test. A) True B) False 2) To detect and isolate defects in a test or function library, you can control the run session using the …. command A) Pause B) Run C) F14 D) Session 3) When the test or function library run stops at a breakpoint, you can use the ….. to check and modify the values of VBScript objects and variables. A) Debug Window B) Debug Dialog C) Debug Viewer D) Debug page 4) While the test and Read More

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 22 – Recovery scenarios

1) Recovery scenarios activate specific recovery operations when ………  occur.A) Specific ErrorsB) Test ErrorsC) Trigger EventsD) QTP Errors 2) You can also control and activate your recovery scenarios during the run  session by inserting ………….. into your test.A) Trigger EventsB) Recovery EventsC) Recovery StatementsD) Catch Statements 3) If you choose On error in the Activate recovery scenarios box in the Recovery tab of the Test Settings dialog box, the recovery mechanism does not handle triggers that occur in the last step of a test.A) True B) False 4) By default, recovery scenario operations are activated only after a step returns Read More

QTP Multiple Choice Questions Set 21 – Virtual Objects

1) Virtual objects enable you to record and run tests on objects that are normallyrecognized by QuickTest.A) TrueB) False 2) In the test results, the virtual object is displayed as though it is a standard classobject.A) TrueB) False 3) QuickTest does not support virtual objects for ……. recording.A) analogB) low-levelC) normalD) both A & BE) both A & C 4) You can use the Object Spy to view virtual object properties.A) TrueB) False 5) You cannot insert any type of checkpoint on a virtual objectA) TrueB) False 6) The ………… contains all the virtual object collections defined on your computer.A) Read More