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Month: October 2011

Testing Web Services

If you are new to web services then please first see the definition with an example. You can download the HP Service Test 11 trial here. —————-xx—————— Start HP Flights service (this should keep running while we are creating/running this test): Start > (All) Programs > HP Service Test 11 > Sample Application. Closing this window will stop the HP Flights service. —————-xx—————— We will test a web service: Create a new solution. Go File (Menu) -> New -> Test (CTRL+SHIFT+N) and type the name as “sample test service” and click create. You will see a canvas with Start-End Flowchart. Read More

Testing GUI & Non-GUI Applications with QTP

Before reading further make sure you know little bit about Service Test 11.0 Let’s try to run the test we created here via QTP 11.0 (NOT Service Test 11.0) and see how you can test your GUI and UI-Less Application Functionality in One Test. Open new test in QTP. Go to Insert (Menu) -> Call to Service Test Test…. Call to Service Test Test window opens. Navigate to the test (which was created in Service Test 11.0 and saved on the disk). Select it and click open. Click OK to come out of Call to Service Test Test window. It Read More