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Month: January 2012

QTP VBScript – Are you sure 1+1=2?

QTP VBScript contains different niceties. This article shows that 1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2 sometimes. Exactly, 1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2 sometimes. Well, I’ve prepared this QTP script: n1 = InputBox(“Enter first number”)n2 = InputBox(“Enter second number”)n1increased = n1 + 1 If n1increased = n2 Then    MsgBox n1 & ” + 1 equals “ & n2Else    MsgBox n1 & ” + 1 doesn’t equal “ & n2End If I will explain it step by step and show all entered data and generated result.Read first number from user’s inputI enter 1 as a first number: Read second number from user’s inputI Read More

Quality Center Multiple Choice Questions-5

41) By default, Quality Center sends e-mail in HTML format. To send e-mail asplain text instead, edit the ……. parameter in the Site Configuration tab in SiteAdministration.A) EMAIL_FORMATB) EMAIL_FORMC) MAIL_FORMATD) QC_MAIL_FORMAT42) You can copy a requirement within the same project or between projects.Which of the below items are copied at the time of copying a requirement.A) Test coverage.B) defect linkage.C) risk-based quality management dataD) All of aboveE) None of above43) You can also move a requirement to a new location in the requirements tree bydragging it..A) TrueB) False44) You can delete a requirement from the Requirements module. Deleting arequirement does Read More

Quality Center Multiple Choice Questions-4

31) QA Manager changes a requirement from a ……….. status to a Reviewedstatus once it is approved.A) ReleasedB) TestedC) Not reviewedD) None of these32) You can also import requirements to your Quality Center project from MicrosoftWord, Excel, or other third-party requirement management tools. To importrequirements, you must first install the appropriate………A) HP Third Party add-in.B) HP Quality Center add-in.C) HP Quality CenterD) HP Quality Center License33) The Requirements Grid view enables you to display requirements in a…………….view.A) FlatB) HierarchicalC) Flat-hierarchicalD) Flat non-hierarchical34) The …………view enables you to analyze the breakdown of child requirementsaccording to test coverage status.. A) Coverage AnalysisB) Read More

Quality Center Multiple Choice Questions-3

21) You can view a list of alerts for a ………… entity.A) A test in the test plan tree or Test GridB) A test instance in the Execution GridC) None of aboveD) Both A) & B)22) A red flag indicates that the alert is………A) NewB) OldC) Follow upD) Urgent23) A gray flag indicates that the alert ………..A) NewB) has already been readC) Follow upD) Urgent24) A follow up flag is specific to your user login name. Anyone else viewing therecord does not see your follow up alert.A) TrueB) False 25) Quality Center assigns the image a unique file name with Read More

QTP Questions Set 2

11) The Information pane provides a list of…………. in the test:A) Semantic errorsB) Syntax errorsC) Common errorsD) Logic errors12) When we switch from Expert view to the Keyword view, QTP automaticallychecks for syntax errors in the test and shows them in the information pane.A) TrueB) False13) If the information pane is not open, QTP automatically opens it in case asyntax error is detected.A) TrueB) False14) ………………… provides a list of the resources that are specified in your test butcannot be found.A) Missing paneB) Missing Resources paneC) Resources paneD) Missing Items pane15) Whenever you open a test or a function library, Read More

Quality Center Multiple Choice Questions-1

1) Test management with Quality Center involves …. Phases.A) FourB) FiveC) SixD) Seven2) The phases of Test management with Quality Center in order are:A) Specify Releases, Specify Requirements, Plan Tests, Execute Tests, TrackDefectsB) Specify Requirements, Specify Releases, Plan Tests, Execute Tests, TrackDefectsC) Specify Requirements, Plan Tests, Specify Releases, Execute Tests, TrackDefectsD) Specify Releases, Specify Requirements, Plan Tests, Track Defects, ExecuteTests3) By creating a list of authorized users and assigning each user a password anduser group, you control the kinds of additions and modifications each user makesto the project.A) TrueB) False4) The …….determines the privileges that the user has within a Read More