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Month: December 2019

19.2 WebDriver browser methods

19.2.1| getPageSourceReturns the page source of the last loaded page. The page source returned is a representation of the underlying DOM. It may not be formatted or escaped in the same way as the response sent from the server.                                                                                                                              Read More

19.1 WebDriver browser methods

WebDriver provides a variety of methods to simulate user actions on a browser. Some of those methods are described below  19.1.1| get Loads a new page in the current browser window. This is achieved using HTTP GET operation. This method blocks the WebDriver test execution until the page load is complete.                                                                                                   Read More

18 Working with Browsers

A web browser is a software application that allows users to retrieve, present and traverse information resources on the World Wide Web (www). An information resource is identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). The information may be a web page, image, audio, video, or any other content. There are various browsers available in the market as of now. These include internet explorer, chrome, firefox, safari, opera, etc. This chapter describes how to use the WebDriver method to simulate user actions on a firefox browser.   18.1.1| Introduction Open Firefox Browser: WebDriver provided FirefoxDriver() class to open a new Firefox Read More