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Month: April 2021

Negative Testing

Negative Testing 1) Testing the application for fail conditions, negative testing is testing the tool with improper inputs, for example, entering the special characters for phone number. 2) Testing aimed at showing software does not work. Also known as “test to fail”. 3) Negative testing is testing that is directed to showing that something will -not- work. It’s such a natural part of regular testing that I doubt that most people know that there is both a “positive” and “negative” testing. 4) Negative Testing is simply testing the application beyond and below of its limits. For example:A) We want to Read More

GUI Testing

GUI TestingGUI testing is a process to test the application’s user interface and to make sure that it confirms the design requirements. 1. Text Boxa. Move the Mouse Cursor over all Enterable TextBoxes. The cursor should change from an arrow to Insert Bar.b. If it doesn’t then the text in the box should be grey or non-updateable.c. Try to overflow the text by typing too many characters.d. Enter invalid characters – Letters in amount fields, try strange characters like +, – *, etc. in All fields.e. SHIFT and Arrow should Select Characters. Selection should also be possible with the mouse. Double Read More

Software Testing Checklists

Software QA Testing Checklists Today we bring back to you another quality tool that’s so often under-used that we thought we might rehash details about it within the hope that it regains its lost glory. it’s a ‘Check List’. A Checklist may be a catalog of items/tasks that are recorded for tracking. This list might be either ordered during a sequence or might be haphazard. Checklists are a neighborhood and parcel of our daily lives. We use them in various situations from grocery shopping to having a to-do list for the day’s activities. Testing Checklist Are you getting to start a replacement project for testing? Don’t forget to see this Testing Checklist in each and each step of your Project Life Cycle. The list is usually like the Test plan, it’ll cover all Read More

Performance, Load, Stress, and Volume Testing

1. Performance TestingIn white-box testing testers, developers, system administrators, and DBAs work together in order to instrument the application code and the database queries (via specialized profilers for example), and the hardware/operating system of the server(s) running the application and the database (via monitoring tools such as vmstat, iostat, top or Windows PerfMon). All these activities belong to performance testing.The goal of performance testing is not to find bugs, but to eliminate bottlenecks and establish a baseline for future regression testing. These bottlenecks can exist at multiple levels:a. at the application level, developers can use profilers to spot inefficiencies in their code Read More

Manual testing concepts for beginners

CAR SALESMAN: The car is complete – you just need to paint it. Whatever a software organization develops should meet the needs of the customer. Testing means to make sure that the product meets the needs of the customer. If our job is to give a complete car to the customer (and not ask the customers to paint the car) then we should ensure that we catch and correct all the defects in the car ourselves. This is the fundamental objective of testing. In the fall of 1994, the Disney company released its first multimedia CD-ROM game for children, The Read More