19.2 WebDriver browser methods

19.2 WebDriver browser methods

19.2.1| getPageSource

Returns the page source of the last loaded page. The page source returned is a representation of the underlying DOM. It may not be formatted or escaped in the same way as the response sent from the server.

      Syntex               java.lang.String getPageSource
      returns              The page source of the current page


Write a code to open testinganswers.com and retrieve its page source

getPageSource in selenium

Note: If the page is modified after page reload (e.g. page refresh after selecting some list box option), then there is no guarantee that the returned page source text is of the reloaded page. WebDriver documentation can be referenced to know the exact behavior of the specific driver.

19.2.2| navigate

Simulates browser back, forward, refresh and navigate to options.

      Syntex               WebDriver.Navigation navigate()
      returns              A WebDriver.Navigation that allows the 
                           selection of what to do next


This method allows WebDriver test script to simulate user interactions with browsers such as navigating to specific URL, clicking on browser back or forward button, clicking on browser refresh button, etc. 

Navigate browser


19.2.3| getWindowHandles

Returns all browser windows of the WebDriver instance.

      Syntex               java.util.Set<java.lang.String>
      returns              A set of window handles that can be used to iterate over all the open                                   windows.


Suppose the user opens testinganswers.com and then clicks on the link available on the site in another/ new window. So, see how to handle all windows and perform an action on all the windows (Driver instances) in Selenium.



19.2.4| getWindowHandle

Returns the currently active browser window of the WebDriver instance.

      Syntex               java.lang.String getWindowHandle()
      returns              Returns the currently active window


Suppose the user opens testinganswers.com and then clicks on the link available on the site in another/ new window. So, see how to handle both windows and perform an action on both windows (Driver instances) in Selenium.

getWindowHandle in Selenium


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