Companies Written Exam Sample Paper Set -4

Companies Written Exam Sample Paper Set -4

The following text will be used in Q.31 and Q.32. In a system designed to work out the tax to be paid: 
An employee has $4000 of salary tax-free
The next $1500 is taxed at 10%
The next $28000 is taxed at 22%
Any further amount is taxed at 40%
31. To the nearest $ which of these is a valid Boundary Value Analysis test case? 
A. $1500
B. $32001
C. $28000
D. $33501
32. Which of these groups of numbers would fall into the same equivalence class? 
A. $5800; $28000; $32000
B. $0; $200; $4200
C. $5200; $5500; $28000
D. $28001; $32000; $35000
33. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of User Acceptance Testing? 
A. Use of automated test execution tools.
B. Testing performed by users.
C. Testing against acceptance test criteria.
D. Integration of system with user documentation.
34. For software to be reliable it must:
A. Be easy to maintain.
B. Be unlikely to cause a failure.
C. Never fail under any circumstances.
D. Be written according to coding standards.
35. We split testing into distinct stages primarily because: 
a) Each test stage has a different purpose.
b) It is easier to manage testing in stages.
c) We can run different tests in different environments.
d) The more stages we have, the better the testing.
36. Which of the following is likely to benefit most from the use of test tools providing test capture and replay facilities? 
a) Regression testing
b) Integration testing
c) System testing
d) User acceptance testing
37. Which of the following requirements is testable? 
a) The system shall be user-friendly.
b) The safety-critical parts of the system shall contain 0 faults.
c) The response time shall be less than one second for the specified design load.
d) The system shall be built to be portable.
38. Error guessing: 
a) supplements formal test design techniques.
b) can only be used in component, integration, and system testing.
c) is only performed in user acceptance testing.
d) is not repeatable and should not be used.
39. Which of the following is NOT true of test coverage criteria? 
a) Test coverage criteria can be measured in terms of items exercised by a test suite.
b) A measure of test coverage criteria is the percentage of user requirements covered.
c) A measure of test coverage criteria is the percentage of faults found.
d) Test coverage criteria are often used when specifying test completion criteria.

40. In prioritizing what to test, the most important objective is to:
a) find as many faults as possible.
b) test high-risk areas.
c) obtain good test coverage.
d) test whatever is easiest to test.

31. D
32. A
33. A
34. B
35. A
36. A
37. C
38. A
39. C
40. B

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