QTP Multiple Choice Questions – Set 8

QTP Multiple Choice Questions – Set 8

71) QuickTest processes a comments when it runs a test.
A) True
B) False
72) Press ….. to add a new step below the currently selected step.
A) F8
B) Shift + A
C) F0
D) Shift + A + Q
73) While working with the Keyword View, you can …… steps to move them to a
different location in a test or in an action
A) Copy and Paste
B) Cut and Paste
C) Drag and drop
D) Both A) and C)
74) You can specify the order in which the columns are displayed in the Keyword
A) True
B) False
75) You can view ……. while working with keyword view.
A) object properties
B) action properties
C) action call properties
D) checkpoint properties
E) Output value properties
F) None of the above
G) All of above
76) You cannot manage some aspects of a local object repository using the
QuickTest Object Repository automation object model..
A) True
B) False
77) For each action, you can use a combination of objects from your local and
shared object repositories.
A) True
B) False
78) QuickTest adds all new objects to the local object repository even if one or more
shared object repositories are already associated with the action assuming that an
object with the same description does not already exist in one of the associated
shared object repositories..
A) True
B) False
79) If a child object is added to a local object repository, and its parents are in a
shared object repository, then you have to manually drag and drop its parent objects
from shared object repository to local object repository.
A) True
B) False
80) The ……. is not accessible as a separate file
A) local object repository
B) shared object repository
C) Both
D) None

71) B, 72) A, 73) D, 74) A, 75) G, 76) B, 77) A, 78) A, 79) B, 80) A

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