Test Execution and Test Evaluation

Test Execution and Test Evaluation

Test execution is that the process of running tests on the software and recording the results. this needs basic computer skills and may often be assigned to interns or employees with a touch technical background. If all tests are automated, this is often trivial. However, few organizations have managed to realize 100% test automation. If tests must be travel by hand, this becomes the foremost time-consuming testing task. Hand-executed tests require the tester to be meticulous with bookkeeping. Asking an honest test designer handy execute tests not only wastes a valuable (and possibly highly paid) resource, the test designer will view it as a really tedious job and can soon look for other work.

Test evaluation is that the process of evaluating the results of testing and reporting to developers. this is often much harder than it’s going to seem, especially reporting the results to developers. Evaluating the results of tests requires knowledge of the domain, testing, user interfaces, and psychology. The knowledge required is extremely equivalent to human-based test designers. If tests are well-automated, then most test evaluations can (and should) be embedded within the test scripts. However, when automation is incomplete or when correct output cannot neatly be encoded in assertions, this task gets more complicated. Typical CS or software engineering majors won’t enjoy this job, but to the proper person, this is often intellectually stimulating, rewarding, and challenging.

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